Our offer / Support in criminal proceedings
Support in criminal proceedings
Psycho-social and legal support

As a victim, do you have to state what has happened with you in a trial? Are you scared that the judge will not believe you or that you will be subjected to a cross-examination like in a film? Would you prefer not meeting the culprit in the trial?

A court hearing raises many such questions for the victims.

We will work with you to help you go through the proceedings, informed and confident - in your native language, free of cost and confidential.
  • Psychological and legal assistance
      * Counselling for report of incident
      * Information about Proceedings and the parties involved
      * Counselling for compensation for damages and compensation for pain and suffering
      * If necessary, representation by a lawyer

  • Accompanying you to the police and the court
  • Cooperating with authorities and the court
  • Prompt individual support