Safety measures / Tips for relatives
What can you do
...when you know or suspect that your loved one is facing violence?
  • Listen carefully! Bring up your guesses and observations! But do this only when you meet the person alone.
  • Give the person the feeling that you understand their situation and respect them, no matter how they react and what they decide.
  • Offer your help and support at all times.
  • Ask them what kind of support they need or want.
  • Give the person addresses of victim protection centres and womenís centres and offer your support while contacting them.
  • Do not plan or undertake anything without the consent of the person.
  • Call the police in case of violence in the neighbourhood. The police are well-trained and can take suitable measures.
  • Donít get yourself in danger if you witness a violent attack.
  • Volunteer as a witness.
  • Inform the police or the youth welfare if children are being subjected to violence.
  • Talk to us about the possible approaches and legal safety measures.